Monday, November 5, 2012

The Beat

The beat.

God I hate this beat, I hate it all, this job my so called subordinates.  Citizens, the fucking whores, pimps, criminals, low lives of all sorts.  Blow hard’s who wish a minute of your time to bleat their feats at the top of their tar choked lungs.  I fought my way up the ladder to Sergeant for this?  I lied, cheated, condemned those in competition with me for this lofty position, fuck me.  I’m still stuck walking a beat that we all hate and despise in this wrenched precinct.  One cannot even score a free cup of coffee from the damn cafĂ© owners.  I despise them all, and I make no secret of it.  I’m not liked here, despised by those at my precinct house.  It’s a hard fight to the top of this the lowest tier.  Nothing but fucking asses and fools below me.  They got the screwing they deserved helping me to move to the top rung on their demise.  Do I pity them their loss of career, their lowly positions far from the top?  Fuck no; they all had it coming.  Let them be the sorry fucks that respond to the fine citizenry when a criminal fucks them in their asses.  I walk my god damn beat, I have the power, I tell who responds to the petty calls, the cries, the screams of horror beset on those powerless to protect themselves.  I’ll not soil my hands.  I’ll read the stupid reports, try to correct the errors just so some smart ass attorney can tear it and them to pieces in a Court of Law.  What a fucking joke.  Who cares?  Not me, that, you can take to the fucking bank.  I have five years, two months and…………… twenty two seconds before I’m gone.  Never to be seen again.  Good riddance to this god forsaken city.  Oh and fuck you if your reading this, it sooths the soul to put pen to paper.  Get down what you really think, feel.  I grow weary of writing; I have matters to get too, fucking retards reports to cover with my red pen.  It pleases me to know that I can fuck with them at my every whim.  My time will come, freedom from the stench, the calls, stupid fucks that think they are bosses of me.  I just can’t stop laughing………….. Right, fuck off.

The Bronx, New Jersey; Sergeant Jon Kimmer, 19 year veteran of the 18th street Precinct was killed today by what investigators describe as a arrant bullet piercing his forehead and killing him instantly.  Four people were taken into custody for attempted Bank Robbery.  Citi Bank reported a Robbery at 1:45pm, police arrived and a short shoot out occurred with witnesses saying twelve gun shots rang out.   Investigators speculate that one bullet fired from Police traveled the two blocks to where Sgt. Kimmer was on a walking patrol, struck him, killing him.  Police spokesman J. Johnson says that Sgt. Kimmer was very well liked by fellow Officers; he was a professional and a great assets to the force.  The investigation into this tragic event continues.

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