Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Face of Hate

Face of hate

I’m not just mad or hurt.  I’m livid; words cannot rightfully describe my anger.  You’ve fucked me, chastised me, disciplined me, embarrassed me, stole the respect from me of my class, you've took monies from my family.  I don’t want justice for the wrongs you’ve heaped on my shoulders, I want revenge.  Oh, not the nice clean tidy revenge of you losing you coveted post.  I seek the kind of revenge that one only gets by having hands elbow deep in your bloody fucking stinking guts.  I want to hurt you like you’ve never dreamed possible.  I want to look you in the eye as I pull your festering organs from your sleazy rotten chest.  I want to be very clear with you; I promise to do the very same with what you call your loved ones.   I shall not hurry, not rush, dismiss this from you fucking diseased brain, hast makes waste, and I’ll not cheat you of what you and yours deserve; I’ll erase your bastard linage for all eternity.  I will defile you’re wreaked corpses in ways you cannot dream to imagine.  This I promise.  Take this, my solemn pledge to your fucking muddy hole in the ground.  May the gods forever defecate on your rotting corpses.   AMEN.

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