Monday, November 5, 2012

I Saw

I saw.

I’m happier than a kid in a fucking candy store.  Hahahahahah I saw you.  Just a peek, but I saw.  You fucked up and now I’m happy, very fucking happy.  I saw, I saw.

The darkness is so complete you wave your hand in front of your face, just a slight breeze as it passes your straining eyes.  I wonder what time it is.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  Only thing that matters is feeding time.  How do you place the tin tray into this cell.  No light shines in, no sounds that I can hear.  I just smell food and there it is, it’s like magic.  I snap my fingers, I can hear that.  I hear my own heart beat, sure speeds up when the food smell comes. 

I know every inch of this space, I think it’s a cell?  Four walls, toilet, hard ass bunk, just a place to lay your fucking ass.  No window, no light, no hope?  HA.  Open the door and see what I can do.  I will break you, tear your stinking flesh from your fucking bones.  Or is it bodies?  That thought makes me happy.  I can do that, done it before.  You’ll scream, bleed, bones will break.  I’ll beat you, cut you, I’ll make you weep for the error of being alive.  It’s not going to be quick, remove that from your thoughts.  Life seeping, pouring from your torn flesh, I’ll pull your bowels from your fat gut.  I’ll joyfully dance in your stinking sorry slime.
Maybe that’s why I’m here?  But, I’m a warrior, a hunter.  I live, I’m alive, you want to keep me that why?  You feed me, give me a soiled rag you probably call a blanket.  I wonder why you deprive me of light.  If you think it will break me you’re crazier than I am.  

I have a purpose.  I’m the end of your world.  Embrace me, we will dance as lovers.  Eternity will be yours.  Crack the door, make a mistake, I wait for you, only you and yours.  I’m waiting, patiently waiting.

From the Ramblings

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