Monday, November 5, 2012

Scared Yah

Scared Yah.

Fucking scared yah didn’t I.  I saw the eyes widen, the slight hand movement towards your fucking little guns.  Pupil dilated, just a little but I saw that too.  I see everything; I’m from the streets, the fucking mean ass hard streets.  One minute you’re just talking, laughing with your little queer customers and bam.  Here I is, quick as a cat.  Thru the door without a sound, six feet into the shop.  You didn’t see a fuckin thing………… hahahahahahha.  

HA….. I feel your little pussy eyes on my back, look real good boys, do you see anything?  Looking here, there.  Check my waistband, pockets, see anything.  I don’t have nothin for you to worry about.  I don’t need no fucking back up; I don’t need a knife a gun a gang.  I tried out to be a gangbanger, but they said I wasn’t reliable, reliable?  This isn’t no fucking seven cum eleven.  Fuck them I don’t need help.  I’m a bad ass, I’m the fucking lone ranger, I don’t need that fuck Tonto or whatever the fuckers name was.

Shit, I got to stop day dreaming, these are some scared mother fuckers.  They know me; know my record, my love of violence.  A “propensity for violence” that’s what that fuck judge said.  I’d like to shove your propensity up your fucking ass.  Well ass holes, if I was going to buy a fucking gun, it sure wouldn’t be in here, besides my felonious record wouldn’t allow it anyway.  I’ll put on my big toothy grin, show these bitches I mean no immediate harm.  That pussy on the end must be new, I don’t remember him, but he’s got the look of someone that just pissed his panties.  Hahahah pissed his panties, that’s a good one.   No gun today, No I got better shit on my shopping list today boys.  Oh yeah, something even you piss pants can sell to a nice clean cut citizen like me.  You don’t even have to fill out all that bullshit paperwork for what I have in mind.

I think I’ll just stroll around this little shit hole shop for awhile, a little walk around to make you cocksuckers nervous.  Oh I’m not gonna touch anything; see my bad ass hands are deep in my pockets.  I think maybe that’s what’s scaring piss pants so much, he must think I’m gonna pull out a gun and shoot all six of you fucks before one of you spread enough lead that I catch one between my beautiful brown eyes. I’m thinking there’s two things that would happen if I all of a sudden jumped in the air and yelled bang!  First I’d get a load of lead in my narrow ass and pussy would shit his pants this time hahahahah I’m dying here.  Even I’m not that stupid.  Oh no not even that stupid.  Maybe next time fucks… hahahahahahah

Gawd damn, I got to stop day dreaming.  Maybe I should have puffed on the pipe a little first; I focus way better with a little off the edge.

Ahhhhh here’s the little fucker I’m in search of.  Ohhhh now that’s nice, not too big, nice little grip so my hands don’t drop it when I’m laughing my fucking ass off.  Yeah this is it.  It’s going to be shocking.  Hahahaha, Oh man I’m just too fucking funny today, just so excited.  Ok here goes, money on the table, they better not deny my need, my urgent need for this cute little taser.  

HA that was way too easy, got it and gone. Didn’t even get my ass shot full of holes.  And now for the fun I’ve been planning since that rotten fuck hole spit in my face.  Oh you’re going to dance fucker, dance dance, dance.  I wonder how long these batteries will last in this little piece.  Well fuck face is gonna find out, oh yes he is.

Don’t I look so damn respectful in my nice Uniform,  name on my chest, I’m the baddest assed keeper of the old and feeble anyone’s ever seen.  Now for my fun.  Ahhhhh room 4B, that’s where my good friend fuck face lives.  No one see’s, no one hears, I’m a ghost on a mission to restore the order of things, even the score.  Gotta go, I got work to do.

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