Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sounds of life

The sounds of life 

Everyone knows the sound of your heart beat, childlike thoughts at least.  No I’m speaking of the other sounds, the ones from deep within the corpus we call our bodies.  Guttural, nasty slurping disgusting sounds that manifest deep within each and every one of our bodies.  Gurgling, swooshing, gases passing noises, some loud, some so quiet only fest for one’s own ears.  Do you fret these sounds, these voices from within?  Even though your friends might condemn, make jesters of aghast, you’re not alone.  They also in the solemn sanctity of their homes, Offices do make these gestures of phantom beasts wild in the rut.  Your quest is too quiet these deniers of sounds gone mistakenly amiss.  Dismiss your auricular song; rejoice in the knowledge that all possess this charming gift from within.  Embrace your song as uniquely your own, be it your laugh, snort, or odoriferous thunderous flatulence, you’re not to be shamed anymore!  Free yourself; shout out the songs of life!


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