Monday, November 5, 2012

Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy 

Be it known that I am but a humble servant of god passing thru your fine fertile lands.  My honored benefactor has blessed me with a roof over my head and hospitality unmatched in my lands.  I am truly blessed. May you be blessed and honored upon meeting your Gods. 
However, I pray the gods not to repeat what was described me as spicy orange chicken and hot rice for the days blessed meal.  Cubed chicken baked then seared in what could only be described by this humble servant of god as straight from the bowels of hades, belching fire and lava from the very bowels of the earth, burning the very core of one’s soul.   One bite.  I ran, fled screaming from the grand room as if the very devil was grasping the tails of my simple robes, smoke billowing from my under garments, screaming,  screams damning Lucifer’s  name, but begging for the lords repentance from my torment.  With my mouth agape, saliva gushing from my burnt being, I plunged my head deep into a watering pail meant for the animals of the lot.  Boiling waters caressed my temples.  Blessed be the cold waters……….. 

I must be continuing my travels forthwith, without delay; down the dusty road is my lot.  I fear the mornings call to duty, forgive me my lord my sins of this earth.  Prayers are made oh lord my savior blessed lord of all men, beg protection from the forenights blistering indulgences.

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