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Blessed be our Mary

Blessed be our Mary.

I was very saddened by the lost of our Mary, disheartened; she was a destined to be a saint of our struggle.  She had come to us as a mere child; borne during the early years of the war knowing nothing else but the whine of the bullet and the thump of the mortar.
I was fighting with the seventh group South Jihad; our warriors had some limited experience but none with more than a month on the front and none with a know victory.  It was early May and we all felt as though the war was beginning to turn our way, having a selected few victories was a heady experience for untrained troops.  We’d over run the airport and were closing in on the States Military Academy.  Twenty casualties were high for a group of only seventy soldiers but we kept our fear to ourselves and prayed that we might fight on for months to come.  The opposing soldiers of the State Government had much better weapons and air assents that stopped our attacks before they even began, much short of goals wished accomplish.  Our leaders pushed us on, but you can’t move forward when every time one looks up to shoot; a sniper cuts them down in their place.  The States tanks were just a nuisance; we snuck up on them with RPG’s and blew them up one by one.  We rallied and shouted praise to God every time we blew up one of the Russian tanks.  The snipers were the worst, we’d move forward without challenge and then man after man would die at the hands of the snipers.  Progress was at a snail’s pace if you wanted to live.

Mary came to us February 1st 2013 as a small crying defenseless bloodied child; her mother had been the victim of one of the snipers, shot through the chest but still holding her child to her bosom.  Two of our Soldiers risked it all to grab the child from her dead mother.  Mary was covered with dust, bleeding from numerous nicks and cuts she sustained from the bombardment.  Our Medic Joseph fixed her up and wrapped her wounds.  Joseph tried in vain to keep Mary in her bunk but she would have none of it.  She was up running end to end of the medical unit talking to each and every one of our wounded comrades.    Mary’s blood still seeping filling the bandages that were wrapped on her small frame.  Over the next few days she was known though out the brigade as the sister of the wounded.  She would move from bunk to bunk giving comfort and a prayer of hope.  Dying soldiers soon began to ask for Mary’s blessings; she made her rounds twice a day and spoke to every soldier giving comfort and her blessings.

Our make shift hospital was overrun by the State on May 28th they killed every wounded soldier in his bunk.  Mary cried for hours as we ran east away from the crushing offensive.  Mary being carried upon a running soldiers shoulder cried and pleaded that we return and save her friends from the coming death.
We tried to console her explaining that we could not save those she loved without being killed ourselves.  She cried and cried believing she could somehow save them.  She cried of lost souls unknown for each and every one of them. 

Mary soon stopped talking her anguish at losing so many close friends over whelmed her.  We all worried that she was lost to the war, her spirit being crushed by the constant killing and gravely wounded soldiers.  We tried to persuade her to talk; talking about those lost and those that had been saved by her prayers.  Mary remained silent only nodding her understanding of our efforts.

June brought much fighting in our district.  The number of killed and wounded mounted as the month came to an end.  We all spent much time worrying of our Mary.  Patrols would leave asking the blessing of Mary.  She would just look at the ground and shed a tear at her feet.  She would not wave an arm or glance at the soldiers leaving for the front.  Tears were her only sign that she recognized that another group of fighters were leaving to engage hostile forces.

At the start of summer July of 2013 news came that America was entering the war and giving weapons and supplies to the revolution.  This brought much celebration to our troops but only seemed to intensify the weeping and heart ache of Mary.  Her strength was vanishing by the day.  Sorrow was killing her slowly day by day as we watched. 

On July 4th 2013 at squad of American Special Forces arrived in our compound.  A female soldier of the American’s embraced our Mary and after many minutes of embrace Mary showed a small but clear smile.  Our troops in attendance shouted “God is Great” “Bless Mary the caretaker of wounded”  “God is Great” A great celebration took place.

The war ended shortly after the new years.  Mary accepted an invitation to leave with the American’s her new home being in the state of Texas.  She has been accepted into a college of Texas and will study medicine and political science.

It is said she will return to our Country in the future.  She still mourns the dead and pray’s the gods the salvation of the living. 

May Mary’s blessing be upon you.

God is great, god is great, god is great……. blessed be those that wept upon our blessed Mary.

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