Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An ode to the night

An ode to the night.

You rob me of my sight, my ears prick and strain at every sound in the night; are they beasts or phantoms that wish to prey on me this night.  I stumble and trip upon the litter you scatter and leave for me when I lose my sight.  You come with silenced speed; the light of day rapidly dimming screaming it’s almost the hour of night; I scurry about before the coming of the night making sure my defenses are up to the fight.  I fear the darkness you bring, all those things I cannot see with my poor human sight.  My human ability to smell proves to be a heartless cry; I cannot tell who is just out of sight, creeping towards me in your blanket that steals my sight. The tricks you play on me make my flesh tremble with fright; I damn you each and every minute of the night.  I huddle in my hut afraid of your might, my bedding pulled so very tight, I toss and turn all through the night.
 I have sleepy days and sleepless nights.

The morning sun brings me cheer that I’m still alive; I will hunt you all the hours of the light, if I find you death will be your plight.

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