Monday, October 12, 2015


I’m watching the Oklahoma game on TV and it’s a darn good game but I just have this heavy uneasy feeling; It’s like a stone sitting on my chest and my head seems fuzzy. I don’t know what it is; the game is a Red River Rivalry and is really getting good but dang if I can’t stop feeling like shit. I just can’t clear my head and get into the game.

Half time and I haven’t thought about the Middle East, Boca Rama or the ISIS ass holes for at least a half hour or so; I’m a news nut, the fresher the better.

I’m watching a short news clip during the half time show and it’s like I can hear talking just under the voice of the news caster. I turn the sound down and nothing? WTF is that? Freaking annoying as hell; I turn the sound back up and sure enough I can just barely hear the voice under the news jockeys voice; can’t tell if it’s a woman or a man’s voice, it’s just there. Damn if it doesn’t make my head ache worst; like a clamp slowly being turned tighter and tighter. Fuck this I’m taking a nap.

Nine minutes and thirty five second left in the fourth as I rejoin the game. Heads better; clamps been removed and the game is a nail biter, this game is going to be decided in the last few second or into OT for sure. Time out with twenty seven seconds left and off to commercial break we go; damn if it isn’t going to be a special report bringing in CNN news for a special spot on the ongoing war in Syria. I’m glued to the TV special report; not to hear the news special but to see if the damn voices are still there. Sure enough between every word the ass says I can hear someone else just below my hearing level talking away. This time I turn the TV up loud; freaking news caster is just drowning out what the other voice is saying; or is it two voices?

What the hell? Nothing during the game, but extra shit during any news cast? You can guess what I’m doing after this game is over; yeah you’re right, I’m going straight to the first news station I can get on and see if the damn voices are on all of them.

I’ve found if you turn the volume down to just below normal speech levels you can just start to make out what the voice behind the scene is saying; I’m not getting all of it by any measure but I’m starting to be able to make out a few words here and there it’s incredible and a little scary. Heady stuff makes me sit back and think about what they are saying; important things to think about. I find myself nodding in agreement; I wish I could express myself as well as the voice does; we are like two minds thinking the same thoughts.

It’s four o’clock in the morning; where has the time gone? The station has gone off the air hours ago but even with the grainy blank screen I’ve been in constant contact with the voice on the other side. Soul searching things to think about but guided through them as though your own brain is giving you all the questions and answers; it’s just so clear to me know, all the questions I’ve asked and never got an answer that made much sense to me before now. The clarity; finally it’s all so clear.

Benson Auto Mall manager Bill Strat attempted to contact his number one salesman John Marks three times this Monday morning without success; John having never been late for work in twelve years with the dealership. Perplexed Mr. Strat contacted the local Police Department and asked if they could do a welfare check on his employee. The Junction Police Department found Mr. Marks dead after what Doctors described as an apparent stroke. Mr. Marks was pronounced dead at 9:45am this Monday morning.

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