Monday, September 22, 2014

Eddy White

The electrical pulse shook him like lighting striking a tree. Once, twice, three times; weakening, fading to irregular jolts then stopping. He would have climaxed if he was able, but Mom’s live in boy friend number eleven had taken care of that when he was just five. He lowered the now still body to the bathroom floor dropping the long skinny knife into the sink. He sat on the toilet looking at the bloody ruined girl; his mind still tingling from the jolts as the life ran out of her. What was her name? He just couldn’t get his brain to remember what she had said. Julie? He tried that name out loud “Julie?” Shaking his head he decided that wasn’t it, maybe it’ll come to me later. “When I remember I’ll say a prayer for you.” He said to the dead girl lying in a pool of jelling blood; one long stream wondered across the tile floor towards the center drain but ended just short, thickening and freezing in its path.

Eddy sat with his head in his hands and remembered the day he discovered the power.

It was a Tuesday, a very sad day in Eddie’s life when a big black junky had Eddy by the neck in a dark alley robbing him of everything he had and promising to cut his head and dick off if he didn’t empty his pockets real fast. Last thing out of Eddies pocket was his favorite straight blade of six inches with a cheap deer horned handle. Realizing what was in his hand at the last moment before throwing it on top of the pitiful pile of what Eddy called his; he stepped into the large black man and jammed the knife into the man’s chest. Eddy was hit with a shock that felt like 220 going on a douse of 440 straight from Con Edison Power. He couldn’t let go of the knife as the large man fought to get away and rode him to the pavement landing in the cold nasty water; Eddy jerked with the dying mans current until it faded and stopped. It was better than the sexual climax Eddy would never have. He’d watched it numerous times on sex TV as the skinny bitches barked and jumped at the wild pumping they were getting; he’d many times touched his broken toy and knew he’d never find the joy those bitches found there but he’d found something just as good.

Julie was number six in a long string of nearly nameless girl friends Eddy had come to acquire. Not really girl friends just worn out junkies that were willing to trade their bodies for a few bucks to score another baggy of whatever was their drug of choice. He’d promise them this or that, a few bucks; whatever it took to get them up to their rooms where he could plug into their hidden power.

“Bout fucking time you got home, where the fuck you been!” Delores screeched from the threadbare lazy boy chair. A dangling cigarette dropping a half inch of burnt ash into her lap as her fat jowls shook like jello from her shouting. “Where’s the gawd damn carton of cigarettes I asked you to buy me you worthless shit!”

Eddy shut the door behind him and stepped further into the house. Delores was Eddies Mom; now a full two hundred and twenty five pounds heavier than when she’d bring boyfriends home from the bars. She was also two hundred and twenty five times meaner than she’d ever been in her life and Eddy was the whipping boy for anything that Delores thought had wronged her.

“You’d better tell me you didn’t forget; you’re not retarded but you’re the damn stupidest child a Mother could have. How’d you manage to get through school you worthless fuck; oh that’s right you didn’t did you!” Delores tore into him.

Eddy headed for his room leaving Delores’s tirade hitting his back like a jack hammer. Eddy knew it’d take a good half hour for ’Mom’ to run slowly out of gas and the yelling would slacken off to just a few shouted insults a minute, then he’d find her sleeping and sneak out the front door again.

Eddy gave it an hour and forty five minute just to be sure and then snuck out the back door for good measure, Delores didn’t make a sound other than four or five snorts in between full fledged snoring. Five blocks down and three over was St. Mary's Basilica and Father Jameson; he needed to give a prayer for Julie and see the Father for a little business.

Sitting in the second from the last row he’d lowered his head and was doing his best job of trying to remember his last victims name; giving up he crossed himself and prayed for Julie.

Father Jameson sat down behind him in the empty row and in his soft voice “Eddy…. I thought maybe I’d lost our friendship; I haven’t seen you in a while my son.”

“Sorry Father, I’ve been really busy; I stopped in to pray for a close friend of mine.” Eddy said still looking at his hands in his lap.

“Is there anything else you are in need of my son?” Father Jameson whispered in his ear.

“Ummmm yes Father, I’m in dire need of fifth bucks. I hate to ask…. I know it’s a lot of money.” Eddy said half turning in his pew.

“I don’t think that’s too much Eddy this one time, we haven’t seen each other for quite some time. Go with me to the refectory and let me see what I have.” Father Jameson said and left the bench.

Eddy waited five minutes and stood, crossed himself and followed Father Jameson. Entering the private quarters Eddy saw Father Jameson standing in front of his large desk.

“Please shut the door Eddy.” Father Jameson said turning at the sound of footsteps.

Eddy walked up next to Father Jameson and stood just to his right. Father Jameson laid two twenties and two fives on the desk; Eddy sat on the desk next to the money. Father Jameson stood in front of Eddy unzipped and pulled Eddy’s pants and underwear to the floor. Eddy thought it was a lot of money to allow someone to give you a B.J. Father Jameson didn’t seem to mind that Eddy never got fully erect or ever came in his mouth; it must have been enough just to give the boy a blow job. Eddy didn’t even mind that he was always asked to sit closely and watch Father Jameson masturbate afterwards; it was far less than Mom’s boy friend’s had done with him.

Eddy had good use for the monies he’d made from Father Jameson and the money he’d taken from two of his last victim’s purses.

Eddy’s first and only stop was at Wilson’s knife shop; he’d given the owner a pencil drawing and received a bid on the knife Eddy wanted to have made. He just needed a little more money to have his special knife made.

Ten days later he had his new knife; honed from 440 stainless steel with a blood groove cut on both sides which then was filled with a Silver/Copper mix of metal running from one quarter inch of the point though the handle to the butt. His drawing called for double hollow grind and the handle to be enlarged with the same mix of Silver/Copper and heavy checkering beat into the oval handle from quillion to the butt.

The owner Mr. Wilson told Eddy that it was a nice looking knife, but he’d better be careful cutting anything that was very hardened or he’d have trouble with that Silver/Copper inlay work. Eddy assured him he’d be very careful.

Eddy found Tammy at the bowling alley stuffing curly fries in her mouth. She continued to pork them down ignoring Eddy until Eddy mentioned he just might have some coke he’d be willing to share. Tammy was ready to go in less than five minutes and it was a short walk to her apartment.

The banging on the door woke Eddy from his stupor, yelling “Police open the door!” got Eddy to his feet fast. Looking around Eddy suddenly remembered the evening; shoving the new knife into Tammy’s heart Eddy got such a jolt with the good electrical connection that he’d dropped to the floor faster than Tammy did with the knife glued to his hand. He flopped like a grounded fish until Tammy’s heart finally stopped; he must have passed out.

Looking towards the door Eddy saw what had brought the Police to Tammy’s door. A thick black river of blood twisted and coiled from Tammy’s twisted body into the kitchen and then made a hard turn running along the floor board swinging out around the door jam and into the hallway under the front door. Eddy was toast; pulling his new special knife from Tammy’s chest he placed the razor sharp edge against his neck and turned back towards the door. The Police gave one more warning and kicked the door in.

Both Officers with guns drawn charged through the door and into the small front room. Eddy slowly turned away from them spraying both Officers down in a thick heavy spray of blood from his severed jugular vein.

Eddy died with a smile on his face; he’d finally achieved a climax.

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  1. Ah, that was a good one. I enjoyed the depth of character you have with Eddy. You didn't tell us everything, but enough to get some idea as to how his mind worked., climax...also, lol.