Sunday, April 6, 2014

He met her on the internet, it was one of those numerous date sites; He can’t even remember which site it was, does it really matter.

His spiel; his profile was total bull shit.  He’d give them what they wanted to hear; oh I’m so sweet, so smart and so fun to be around.  I love exercise and travel; love to dance.  Oh that was a big one with the silly bitches; love to dance hahahahah yeah love to dance.  Whatever you want I’ve got, just believe me when I say so; my dance card is wide open and I’m everything you ever wanted.

“I’ve had the same job for twenty three years; kind of boring but it pays well and I’m vested.  I have vacation time built up to the point I can take time off whenever I want; I’m at the top of the seniority list in my department so I can take off any time it’s right; two years out from full retirement and looking for fun.”
“I like to travel but not alone; looking for a soul mate that has the time to be out there in the world of sun and fun; I’m not rich, but I can afford a second on adventures.  Are you my travel soul mate?”

Hook, line and sinker!  The bitches were all over it.  Who could pass up a middle aged; probably fat, sex starved man who couldn’t get it up half the time that is looking for a woman that can fill his fantasy.  There must be a thousand women in any Metro area to choose from, maybe tens of thousands who are looking for Mr. Right, day and night.

Yep he was set; he had his net, he’d throw it to the waves; a net that was soon to be full to capacity; the problem was to catch just the right one. 

He was looking for one that was filled with just enough longing; wanting to find the perfect man after all the wrong choices; the one that would fix all the wrongs of a life of picking the wrong man time and time again.  This one would be; “Mr. Perfect for me; he’s my Mr. Everything that I ever wanted in a man.”  He sounded too good to be true; no not at all!  I told all my female friends online every detail, every nuance of our internet relationship. How he’d made himself; a real self made man.  He loved to travel; but not alone, he was looking for a travel mate.  He’d been on a single boring job for years waiting for the chance to have a soul mate to share the discoveries of the world with; “he’s perfect for me.”  How could you say anything bad about this perfect man? 

No one did.  What the hell, he was perfect?  Who could deny that she’d found the perfect man at the perfect time in her life?  No one is who; … no one was going to rain on her parade, sneeze on her cake.  She was the perfect victim. With friends like you, she was served up on a platter; hell you, her friends shoved her along all happy, singing the praises of new found love.  Who knew she’d be dead in a couple months, she was the perfect victim at the perfect time; she was everything he’d been looking for too.  Yep, dead as a cucumber in just six weeks; you all acted surprised?

It made the Web headlines:  U.S woman found dead after the perfect holiday.  CNN headline news…

Yep you’re all to blame; you sent her off with your blessings and smiles; those little face book “smiley thingy’s” that you can just press a button and send your “blessings” saying that you are “all in” with the crazy decision that she’d made.  None of you really talked to her about it; you were so sure in your logic that this was the right thing for her at the time.  “No one can blame me; I just thought it was a good deal” Gosh the way she preached how good it was for her over and over, who was I to think of raining on her perfect party.  Not one soul asked if she was sure about “his facts” no one asked “did you do a back ground on this guy” Nope not one of you took the time to give a damn and think this through; you knew she sure wasn’t!   You didn’t care enough to take a single minute out of your busy day and be a real friend and ask the hard question; the questions that would have kept her alive.

Oh in your silence you gave the ok; your silence aided her demise.  You knew deep in your heart this guy was too good to be true; but you kept your silence; you held your thoughts, just so damn busy.
Maybe, just maybe you wanted to believe deep in your heart that you too could find Mr. Perfect; maybe if you finally decided to dump the lousy dead beat you’d married you too could find a Mr. Perfect like she had. You’ve complained to your girlfriends for years about your husband, how he never did this, never did that. 
You sat on the side line watching, reading, sending those little words of encouragement; maybe you were hoping that even you could change your life and live the dream.  You’d made a simple mistake and married the wrong man; if you’d do what she was doing you could live the life you always wanted too.

Yes, yes you and you’re little sunny day friends killed her.  Killed her with your facebook friendships and little smiley faces; you’ve walked away from being real friends with caring thoughts taking the time to sit down and really talk. 

It’s time to power down.

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