Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Endless times

I love you so much.

I’ve waited for so long.  I’ve known your soul for eons untold; I’ve watched and waited for you.  You’re soul is so young; impatient, impetuous, it’s lacking the time honored calm of the eon’s.

The winds of time put us together again for a short time; lovers touching as we once were.  Then separated by honor and responsibilities blessed and commanded by the gods.

Our souls now travel on different planes; touching but not connecting as they once were.  I reach out for you but we are but travelers on roads that will not connect in this age.  I long for your loving touch; my lips on your lips, lovers again for millennium on end.

Live well, we will meet again in years forward…………… I love you so much; I’ll wait for you forever, time has no meaning for us we will be again together.  Pray it will be forever, if not, for a moment in time as the last time we met. 

I’ll love you forever; time has no meaning.  I’m waiting for you.

Endless times 

From the Ramblings

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