Friday, December 21, 2012

The Bunker

The Bunker

My name is Vince Westin Wolf and I built this bunker with my own hands.  

I’m leaving my bunker my safe house tomorrow morning; four years, seven months and twenty three days from the day I sealed the hatches.  I’m writing this note so whoever finds it will know I survived when all others may have perished.  My supplies have run out, water has been recycled hundreds of times and of no use now.  I must leave and take my chances on the surface or die here.  I pray there is a livable world above my head.

I started construction shortly after it was obvious that we were heading for the third world war.  War was already raging in the Middle East and Country after Country we’re falling to the new order.  They called it the “brotherhood” a funny name for people that care only to kill everyone that isn’t of their sect. 

It took me two years and eight months to finish it; just before Israel went down under the hooves of the hordes.  Israel held on to the very end before launching everything they had.  Ex-President Jimmy Carter made a slip to a reporter in the eighties and said that Israel had 100 nuclear weapons.  They let go quite a few more than that by the reports coming out of what’s left of the Middle East.  

It was clear to everyone that we were gearing up to defend the last survivors of freedom and that would bring us into the horror of full out war and more than likely nuclear war in the Western Hemisphere.  Our troops from outposts all over the world had been called home to defend America from the encroaching mobs from South America.  They swept in mass destroying city after city from the South tip of Argentina, North to within two hundred miles of our Southern border.  It was a tsunami of bodies, left over’s of armies from all over the South American as Countries dissolved and the masses headed north.  President Ryan ordered around the clock bombing to slow the advance while the States along the border built barriers and fortifications as fast as could be built.  Mexico was squeezed into just a swath two hundred miles deep and the width of our Southern borders.  The Mexican Army was being over whelmed and total collapse was reported to be within just a few days. 

Canada was weakening from constant attacks by armed Russian Solders escaping the fall out in the Far East.  The new North Sea land bridge caused by global warming making it no more than a difficult walk to reach Canadian shores from Russia.  Our President sent thousands of additional troops to help stem the tide from the Russians.

I went to the bunker shortly after it was filled to capacity with food and water.  When the Southern border broke and threw us into a full out retreat to the center of America, I slammed the lid. I had it figured I could make four years; I’ve made it most of five years.  I’m ready for the new world up there or the end.  I’ve survived boredom, starvation rations for well over the last year.  Tomorrow morning is the new beginning or death for me.

Wish me luck today’s the day.  I’ve finish my meager breakfast, my bug out bag is ready with emergency food to last a month if I can keep on short rations.  I’ve unlocked and opened the two air tight doors and I’m almost ready to crack the top hatch.  One more check of my bags, weapons and my Radiation/Bio suit.  If you see a guy running around in a baggy camo suit it’s me; three layers of very thin lead and the outside Bio containment plastic in camo.  Hahahaha looks stylish…… 

Everything’s good, so this is good bye.  If you’re reading this congratulations of surviving, anything you can find to use; have at it, it’s yours to take.  

Good bye, see you on the other side…………..

I’m back………………….  I opened the top hatch and its night outside, pitch black.  That makes it a no go. I’m not going out after nearly five years and rip my Bio suit on a black berry bush.  So it’s going to be a long night before the sun comes up.  My calculations were that it should have been morning.  Something must have gone wrong with my clocks.  Another few hours aren’t going to make much difference and I have to be as safe as I can be, so I’m with you for a few more lines writing on the paper tonight.  

I nearly panicked when I opened the hatch just a couple inches and realized it was dark outside and had to slam the lid and go back into the bunker.  I didn’t shut the air tight doors behind me when I went up to the surface; I didn’t think I’d be coming back.  The bunker was exposed to the outside air for a few seconds and I don’t want to use any more time than is necessary on the air scrubbers in the Bio suit.  

Trying to write with this suit on is not easy, the face mask is fogging up; I’m going to pull it off and get a few more things down on paper that I thought of and then get ready for tomorrow.

Air smells funny; (cough) kind of metallic, (cough)

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